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The Internet and video games: advantages and disadvantages

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25.03.2015 10:10


But everybody knows the most popular way of getting information nowadays is the Internet. Certainly, the Internet is an extremely useful tool that has become an important part of our lives. Rushing into the modern life a computer and mobile phone connected with the Internet gave us an opportunity to be in the global web. Nowadays we cannot imagine our life without it. The Internet made searching for information much easier and faster than it used to be. Quick finding information saves time. The Internet can be very educational. Students can do research for school projects without going to the library as they did in the past. Also, we can find any travel information, read the news and do many other things via the Internet without leaving home. Unfortunately, one major problem is that information found on websites is not always accurate. Besides, searching for some useful information via the Internet, the student can be easily distracted from his work due to the wide variety of information on the Net. To add, teenagers are crazy about computer games. It is a really addictive thing.

People say that the most addictive thing is the Internet when children surf it all day long. According to questioning of the children of age 14-16, they spend...... surfing the Internet which includes being in the social webs, playing games without having any useful work. Their brains become hard-wired to computer, especially if they use computer every day. Sometimes, children lose the ability to concentrate because of long period of using computer. Long being in the Internet can be a specific cause of psychological tension. Also, the user has muscular skeleton pains. Intensive periods of using computer can lead to eye fatigue. To add, being in the social webs is as a rule waste of time and playing games often encourage aggressive behavior. There are so many cruel and violent computer games which make children be violent too. Children look for idols in their favorite games and try to copy them. 

However, some studies suggest the children's brains might be changing. So they can concentrate better than their elders. Scores on intelligence tests have been steadily raising since 1940s, say psychologists". The tests measure the child's ability to shift and divide attention; they also cover problem solving and comprehension skills. They are smarter",- researchers say. It is actually good side of using computer. Moreover Ken Levine, president of company "Irrational Games" who created the famous game  "BioShock" says: "I am not a scientist, but there isn't a lot of data out there to support the notion that games affect behavior in any significant way".

Nowadays, gamer has a distinctive advantage to do his choice during the game. This game is the prime example of what Levine calls "emergent gameplay". The most parts of the game can be played out in any order and players are free to come up with their own strategies for dealing with enemies. The games like BioShock such as Grand Theft Auto series, Postal 1, Postal 2 and Postal 3 attract most of the criticism in recent years. A lot of violence, blood, mass killing can appear there. It's true. But the greatest advantage of the games like those is the player can pretty much do whatever he wants. He can choose his own way of playing. You could decide how violent you wanted to be in any given situation; therefore it is possible to make it through Postal 2, for example, without killing or firing at anyone. "It is not so easy to do, but it's actually possible to complete all missions. Postal is a test to see how people will react to different situations and also give them an opportunity to see how they would react in a situation that they may be involved in.

Scientists studied the influence of playing games on the visual ability to obtain information to work over it. They compared gamers and usual people finally scientists found out that gamers have better speed in finding a tasked aim than ordinary people. In other words gamers faster find necessary information in whole. They better see and understand situation. The scientists are sure games teach us the methods of decisions of life problems.

Video games help people to forget their pains. For example, the computer game "Snow World" is successfully used in hospitals all over the world. It is very simple game in which you study snow world in virtual reality. It's the greatest delivered factor for children suffering from burns without these game technologies these children recovered more slowly. Another generation of computer fans has arrived. They are neither spotty schoolchildren nor intellectual professors, but pensioners, who are learning computing with much enthusiasm. It is particularly interesting for people suffering from arthritis as computer offer a way of writing nice clear letters. Now pensioners have discovered the Internet and at the moment they make up the fastest growing membership.

The teachers in Nottinghamshire College use the game Newervinter Nights to attract their students to literature and mathematics. Massachusetts Technological Institution worked out the game "Grim Fandango", which teaches gamers Spanish. The game "Rome: Total War" is often used on History Channel or BBC2. The game Civilization III is played out by children in American schools to live the certain historical situations themselves. It's more interesting then to learn lessons.



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