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Television: advantages and disadvantages

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25.03.2015 10:05

A very important way of obtaining news, entertainment and other kinds of information is TV. The general opinion about television is that it is terrifically exciting, powerful and sometimes very dangerous.

Undoubtedly television has advantages. First of all, it has the power to educate. It is a window on the world and children can learn a lot from watching it. Also, it is a cheap form of entertainment which gives pleasure to millions of people, especially those who live alone.

However, some people argue that television is so powerful that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Although it can turn children into professors, it can also turn them into criminals. Some critics say that TV is filled with sex and violence. Children watch how people drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes on television. TV plays a great role in teaching children's behavior. Sometimes children watch doubtful heroes and start to copy them. Furthermore, television has had a terrible effect on family life. People don't talk to each other, and families spend hours in front of "the box" instead of going out together or simply having a conversation. So that, a modern child does not obtain his or her cultural values from the traditional family, but instead gets them from the mass media. Opponents of television say that unless we do something about reducing the amount of television, children will grow up TV addicts. Of course I mean only little children who are involved in watching cartoons. They are ready to watch them all day along especially his or her parents are not at home. As for teenagers they are keen on more computer games and surfing the Internet. I know it not from the second hand.

However, some research studies have shown that TV has a positive impact on children's learning. These studies have found that general cultural and vocabulary levels of Children watching educational programs such as Discovery, Animal Planet and BBC are much higher than other children. Many people say that the bad power of television is exaggerated.

I think, television is just another form of entertainment and provided that you have other interests, it is neither harmful nor addictive.



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