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20.02.2015 06:44

Shopping is a favourite occupation of many girls and women. They say: 'shopping helps us to get rid of stress.' But to my mind , it is a kind of entertainment for them. First of all, as usual people have a relax while they do shopping. For example, my friends and I like to go shopping, because in huge splendid department stores there are cheap movies and  tasty food on cords. So doing useful purchases we entertain and have a rest.

Furthermore, shopping gives people an opportunity of having alive conversation between friends. Sometimes different strangers can meet each other in shopping malls. It is very worth in the modern age of the Internet. More and more often people chat in social webs or in Skype. They lose skills of real talking.

However, shopping is a very addictive thing. Many women choose only brand clothes with certain labels. They rush from one shopping mall to another to find discounts and sales for expensive goods. This kind of customers usually leaves all money in shopping malls. But my mum does not let me spend much money for brand goods, though I adore modern things especially phones of the latest styles. But as for me I think, it is great to relax and have convesation with freinds during shopping.

In conclusion, I would like to say that people should be choosy and careful while doing purchases, though shopping in whole is a good entertainment for everybody.


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