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Press: advantages and disadvantages

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25.03.2015 10:08

Nowadays, modern society cannot imagine everyday life without news. News may be provided by the print, broadcasting media and the most contemporary source of information is the Internet. People argue about advantages and disadvantages of the ways of getting information.

As for the printed press, such as newspapers and magazines, we know that they are the oldest source of obtaining fresh news. Long ago before the invention of the radio and TV a newspaper became a printed record of events that were made available to a large number of people.

There is an old saying that you cannot please everyone, so do not try to. A newspaper cannot please everyone either, but it does try very hard to have something interesting for everyone to read.

Newspapers are magic. They have the power to take you anywhere in the world. Compared with any other medium of communication, the newspaper offers the widest choice of information to the greatest number of people.

Because there is so much variety is offered, newspapers try to package the information in a form you can easily recognize and use. They separate "hard news" -that is, news about important events - from the information dealing with familiar everyday living news. For this reason, the newspapers are divided into sections. In large daily newspapers there may be ten sections or more. National and international news will fill the first section, with the most important news of the day usually found on the first page. Local newspapers; however, they will also be found throughout the paper. Car and sports news often has their own special section within the paper, as do the "want ads". Social news, household living advice, and women's features are often placed in special sections. It is easy to detect which stories the newspaper feels are most important. Those stories will be found at the top of the page and have headline type size which catches your immediate attention. A smaller headline indicates that the news is not as important as others.

Journalists argue over the functions of a newspaper. Nowadays there are two types of newspaper everywhere : the "populars" or "quality" tabloids and newspapers or broadsheets such as The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, the Financial Times and The Daily Telegraph. You can find there a lot of interesting news in the world of politics, business, arts and sport.

The tabloids- the most widely-read of which are The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, The Dilly Mirror, The Sun, The Daily Star-concentrate on striking and impressive stories in the life of the Royal Family, film, pop and sport stars. The popular press aims to entertain readers rather than inform them. So that, people have only a serious, sometimes even a very boring broadsheet and a vulgar “Gutter press”. Journalists offer the third type of paper which will help readers to express themselves in it, concentrate on local affairs should encourage people to participate in the newspaper and become a part of their lives. In a result the world paper has changed very much. There is no third type of paper, but broadsheets became closer to people, to their live problems and tabloids obtained more serious features though half-truth and gossips in whole is their position.

At first glance, it does not seem that a newspaper is an important source of information in the time of the Internet invasion. But nobody can deny significance of newspapers, magazines and special journals in people's life. Furthermore, it should be noticed that there is no any harmful influence on human mind if a person is legible in reading press. Even 'gutter press' cannot  affect in a negative way on intelligent people.


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