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A computer and modern gadgets: advantages

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20.02.2015 06:31

People lived without computers for thousands years. It is amazing how fast we became depended on them nowadays. We need a computer in every aspect of our life. No industry can be run without computers. They are widely used in hospitals to examine patients. Some serious medical operations can be performed only with the help of computers. Furthermore, computer animation is more and more common in film-making. Students can easily complete their tasks like an essay or a project, searching for information in the Internet. Half a century ago average people knew very little about computers. They thought that computers were very complicated devices which a scientist used for theirs scientific purposes. Today almost everyone can operate it. Moreover, huge machine evolved into the personal computers, laptops, and netbooks. They keep getting clever, smaller, and more portable. Their size lets us use them everywhere. These gadgets give us an opportunity to be in a global web — the Internet, to have a very fast way of obtaining information and communicating with other people. The history of the Internet is interesting and cognitive. The majority of people don't know that the Internet appeared for American army purposes in the middle of the last century. Then other countries stole that invention and used it for their own targets. Some years later when computers became common and available the Internet started being used widely. Nowadays we can not only search for information in the Internet, but communicate in social webs such as `Odnoklassniki', 'V kontakte', 'Twitter', `Facebook', `Instagram'. Our message may be passed and received via email. But the most advanced mass medium is Skype. People can talk exchanging their emotions, discuss any subjects. Nowadays mobiles phones are very advanced, most of them connected with the Internet and provides all ways of communication. I'm fond of cell phones of such firms as 'Apple'. The iphones, ipads, ipods, imacs of this company are great. Another firms such as 'Samsung', `Lenovo', 'Sony', `HTC' are popular too. And now just imagine if all the computers and phones stopped working! It would be a world disaster. Airports would be closed, people would not be in touch via the Internet, and loads of much information would be lost. I think people could not get rid of computers even if they wanted to.


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