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Serios sport or keeping fit

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26.04.2015 07:37

Nowadays everyone wants to be fit, feel good, look slim and stay young. Some people go in for  sport seriously to achieve these ambitions. Others only keep healthy life style. I consider, serious sport sometimes destroys health and so I prefer keep healthy life style. Firstly, there are many fitness clubs and leisure centers with swimming pools, gym and tennis courts which help people to keep fit, slim and strong. It is not a serious sport, but it saves people from sickness. Besides, it is very useful to eat less sugar, salt and fat food, and more fruit and vegetables. People should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.

However, some people prefer serious sport like hockey, soccer, tennis, sometimes extreme sport to be strong and healthy. Sport has different forms such as amateurish sport, people go in for it in their free time and professional sport which attracts people who can not imagine their life without it. Of course, not many people are talented and skillful in such kind of sport as figure skating. We are proud of Russian sportsmen Evgeni Plushenko and Yulia Lipnitskaya, but to my mind, it is not for the majority people.It is only for talented ones.

In conclusion I want to say, it is better to encourage our great sportsmen and to keep fit and healthy life style in fitness clubs.                


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