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Extreme sports: advantages and disadvantages

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11.03.2015 08:54

Some people think that extreme sports help to build character.
Sport is the best and the shortest way to health. Today increasing number of people is involved in activities that help them to enjoy life and to build character. As a rule, these activities are extreme sports. To my mind, it is true. 
Firstly, I believe that such thrilling activities as sky surfing or bungee jumping help people to overcome their fears of taking risks and to build character. Secondly, extreme sports help people to relax because they are usually safe and well organized by trained instructors. Participants have to wear correct clothing, check their equipment and be trained before they are allowed to participate in an extreme sport like sky surfing. Furthermore, sportmen obtain new feelings and emotions, enjoing extreme sports.
Oh the other hand, opponents of extreme spots say that extreme sportmen have useless and very risky occupation. If a rope tears while bungee jumping, for example, a participant will be seriously injured or even die. So it is a very dangerous sport. Also, family relations may be damaged because of this kind of hobby. Extreme sportman is usually addicted to his or her occupation. However, I believe that this activities are very exciting and thrilling. As I mentioned before, risk is not very high, because organizers of extreme sports follow safety insructions very seriously.
To sum up, I want to say people have an opportunity to take part in risky sport, or not. It is their own right to choose.


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