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About myself and my family

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20.02.2015 06:21


Let me introduce myself. My full name is …, but friends normally call me by my first name … . I was born on the … into a family of … I’m not the only child in the family, I have a sister, her name is … . She takes after my mum, but people say I take after my dad, but in my opinion, I take after my dad only partly. My father is a … , he has got his own business. He is always nice and friendly. I get on brilliantly with my dad, we can talk about everything. He is very easy-going and not strict, but he keeps me under control. My mother shows her feelings more. She is smart and quite attractive.

As for me, I’m a student of the ninth (eleventh) form of a secondary school. Our school is a lyceum (gymnasium). It offers a general course of academic and non-academic subjects like sports and home economics, providing general education. Besides, it offers a number of coursers, giving profound knowledge in a variety of fields: mathematic, economics, natural sciences, and the humanities. The quality of teaching at our school is much better then at other ones. We study two foreign languages, but my chief interest is economics. We have very trained teachers who prepare us for Olympiads. I’m fond of languages too, especially English. It’s very important to have communication skills in English because it’s a language which is spoken all over the world. I like my classmates. They are friendly and easy to get along with. 

I hope my school education will form a basic for my future occupation. Only here I’ll get some extra knowledge which I need to enter the university.






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